Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard.jpg
Club NameLiverpool
Date of Birth30 May 1980 (age 38)
Place of BirthWhiston, England
Height6 ft 0 in
National TeamEngland - 77 Caps 16 Goals
PositionCentral Midfielder

[edit] Background

Steven Gerrard first appeared in a FIFA game in FIFA 2001. He has appeared in every game of the FIFA Series since. He has also appeared in all of the games in the FIFA Street Series. He also appeared in 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany, and 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea & Japan. He is one of the game's best strikers of a ball and can tackle brilliantly. At the start of a manager mode campaign he will cost close to £15million, and with development he can be worth a massive £60million. If you do decide to buy him, you will not be disppointed, he is one of most well rounded footballer's on FIFA 09, perfectly comfortable tackling or shooting. Many people consider him one of the finest midfielder's in the world, as well as other fantastic footballer's worldwide. He is captain of Liverpool and Vice-Captain of England, and is known for his excellent determination, and is known all over the globe.

[edit] Stats

Acceleration: 80

Aggression: 82

Agility: 79

Balance: 86

Ball Control: 91

Crossing: *94

Curve: 86

Dribbling: 79

Finishing: 80

FK Accuracy: 88

Heading Accuracy: 76

Jumping: 79

Long Pass: *95

Long Shots: *96

Marking: 68

Penalties: 78

Positioning: 87

Reactions: 85

Short Pass: 91

Shot Power: *95

Slide Tackle: 81

Sprint Speed: 84

Stamina: *93

Standing Tackle: 84

Strength: 83

Vision: 93

Volleys: 79

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