Spain is a national football team which has appeared in the FIFA games. Spain are quite a successful national team, as they have won the European Championships, in 1964 and 2008. The team's manager is currently Vicente Del Bosque, and the team's captain is Iker Casillas. There confederation is UEFA. There rated at 5 stars on the FIFA09 game. There most notable players are: Casillas, Puyol, Senna, Silva, Torres and Villa. I would say there the best International team on the game. With Casillas in goal they have the best keeper on the game in people's opinion. The defence is quick and strong, with Puyol and Marchena winning aerial battles in the heart of the defence. Iniesta, Senna, Xavi and Silva are a brilliant midfield quadruple and with there passing and pace between them they are certain to make chances for the front 2. Torres and Villa are amazing. Both have raw pace and are deadly in the area. Torres wins alot of headers in the air making him a complete dangerous striker.

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