Magnus Eikrem

Magnus Eikrem
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Date of Birth08 August 1990 (age 28)
Place of BirthOslo, Norway
ClubManchester United
National TeamNorway

[edit] FIFA 09 Background

Magnus Eikrem is a Norwegian midfielder who currently plays for Manchester United of the Barclays Premier League. Eikrem is a pretty versatile player, being effective when played on either the left or right wing or in the centre of midfield. He has average agility and pace attributes, which will gradually increase as he matures, so loaning him out or playing him in cup matches could help towards his development. If he hasn't improved after a few seasons, selling him for a small fee should be considered.

[edit] Stats

Acceleration: *70

Aggression: 50

Agility: *69

Balance: 47

Ball Control: 59

Crossing: 45

Curve: 45

Dribbling: 62

Finishing: 40

FK Accuracy: 53

Heading Accuracy: 44

Jumping: 53

Long Pass: 38

Long Shots: 56

Marking: 32

Penalties: 38

Positioning: 49

Reactions: *65

Short Pass: 56

Shot Power: 61

Slide Tackle: 46

Sprint Speed: *66

Stamina: *70

Standing Tackle: 54

Strength: 47

Tact. Awareness: 48

Vision: 62

Volleys: 57

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