Gary Neville

Gary Neville
Gary Neville 775918a.jpg
Date of Birth18 February 1975 (age 43)
Place of BirthBury, England
Height5 ft 11 in
ClubManchester United
National TeamEngland
PositionRight Back

[edit] FIFA 09 Background

Gary Neville is an English defender who currently plays for Manchester United of the Barclays Premier League and the England national team. He is also the club captain for United. Neville is more commonly played as a right-back but can be played in the centre if absolutely needed. Being the lowest rated player in the default back four system, he is often exploited as the teams weak point due to his pace and sluggish reactions, but he is still a fairly decent player against lower rated teams. His tackling and positioning off the ball are his strengths, but up against better and quicker opposition, he will struggle to cope and will often be left stranded, forcing one of his team-mates to cover for him, leaving gaps in the centre of defence. He isn't getting any younger also, so selling him early on and bringing in someone younger may have to be considered as he won't last for many more seasons and may become nothing more than a back-up player within the squad.

[edit] Stats

Accelaration: 69

Aggression: *87

Agility: 59

Balance: 69

Ball Control: 68

Crossing: 72

Curve: 52

Dribbing: 44

Finishing: 31

FK Accuracy: 33

Heading Accuracy: 75

Jumping: 70

Long Pass: 61

Long Shots: 28

Marking: 80

Penalties: 32

Positioning: *90

Reactions: 34

Short Pass: 71

Shot Power: 47

Slide Tackle: *82

Sprint Speed: 64

Stamina: 80

Standing Tackle: *83

Strength: 76

Tact. Awareness: *91

Vision: 71

Volleys: 51

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