Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres
Fernandotorres 310267.jpg
Club NameLiverpool
Date of Birth20 March 1984 (age 34)
Place of BirthMadrid, Spain
Height6 ft 1 in
National TeamSpain - 55 Caps 17 Goals

Fernando Torres is regarded as the best Striker in World Football today. Torres started his career as Atletico Madrid, where he was noticed as a great talent by manager's and coaches worldwide. In the year of 2003-04, he was named Atletico's captain at the age of 19. Fernando's Liverpool career started on 3rd July 2007, a deal which saw more than 20 million pounds going Atletico's way and also with anfield favourite Luis Garcia going to Atletico. Torres recently celebrated netting 50 goals for Liverpool in a astonishing 84 games, the least amount of games in Anfield history.Following the end of the season, he signed a new contract with Liverpool, which included the the option of a one year extension after its expiry in 2013.

Fernando Torres is well-known to be one of, if not the best striker on Fifa 09 due to his piercing acceleration and speed, as well as being 6ft1, which only makes him a better striker as he gives you a plan B if required.

[edit] Stats

Acceleration: *95

Aggression: 63

Agility: 91

Balance: 79

Ball Control: 87

Crossing: 69

Curve: 83

Dribbling: 89

Finishing: *95

FK Accuracy: 68

Heading Accuracy: 79

Jumping: 78

Long Pass: 51

Long Shots: 78

Marking: 21

Penalties: 75

Positioning: *92

Reactions: *96

Short Pass: 80

Shot Power: 85

Slide Tackle: 29

Sprint Speed: *91

Stamina: 85

Standing Tackle: 18

Strength: 72

Vision: 85

Volleys: 90

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