Virtual Pro

Virtual Pro was implemented into FIFA 10 after the producers received feedback which revealed that players enjoyed creating a player to use in Be A Pro. The feedback also suggested that players were disappointed in the fact that achievements earned for their created player counted for nothing. In response to this feedback, Virtual Pro was implemented into FIFA 10.

[edit] Creating Your Virtual Pro

Creating your Virtual Pro could not be easier. Simply head into the Virtual Pro section of the Main Menu, where you will be greeted with an image like the one below.

Virtual Pro.JPG
Then, simply fill in your details, and scroll along to the different options to customise your Virtual Pro. You can also download a Gameface, which will generate a Virtual Pro which resembles yourself.

Note: Your starting stats will vary as your weight and height is changed.

Virtual Pro Attributes

[edit] Accomplishments

When playing with your Virtual Pro, you can unlock many accomplishments which will improve the attributes of your Virtual Pro. There are over 200 of these accomplishments. For example, you can improve your finishing by scoring different types of goals, passing by creating assists in various ways, and boost your tackling by winning the ball regularly. Of course, with each player having 28 attributes it’s far more complicated than that and there is a wide variety of different challenges - learning skill moves, making a goal line clearance, or reacting first to a rebound off the post are just a few more examples of the type of things you’ll need to do to take your Pro to his best. As well as improving attributes you can also unlock player traits, new celebrations and kit. Some of the traits that you can unlock include the new ‘Giant Throw’ made famous by Rory Delap of Stoke City, the new ‘Skilled Dribbling’ controls, as well as some old favourites such as ‘Outside of the Foot’, ‘Power Header’ and ‘Flair’.

Your Accomplishment Book

[edit] Pro Club Championship

The Pro Club Championship is the equivalent of Online Clubs from FIFA 09. You can either create your own club, or join a friend's club, and play against clubs from all over the world. Playing well in these matches will help to increase your overall rating and unlock Virtual Pro accomplishments.

Entering the Pro Club Championship

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