User:The Rock 13

AlignmentTown or less commonly Mafia
PhaseDay or Night


A cop is one of the most common roles in a mafia game. The most common cop can investigate a player of their choosing during a night phase and recieve information back on whether they are town or not town. As this is one of the most important roles for a town, cops are likely to be targeted by the mafia.


Sane Cop - Recieves correct results.
Insane Cop - Always recieves incorrect results.
Paranoid Cop - Always recieves back information telling them that person is not town aligned.
Naive Cop - Always recieves information telling them that person is town aligned.

Regardless of which variation of the cop role someone is, they are always told that they are a normal cop. There can also be a day cop which is basically the same as a normal cop, but they send in their ability during the day phase, rather than the night phase.

A role cop is slightly different to a normal cop, as they find out the persons role rather than alignment. Although this can be a town role, it is commonly used as a mafia role.


If a cop finds out information it is not always the right thing to rush out in the open and tell the world what you have found out. That would be revealing yourself to the mafia, who would likely want to pick you off. The best thing to do is gradually but pressure on them but not telling everyone where you recieved your information from.