Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports
Release dates: EU 2nd October 2009


Genre: Sports
Rating: 3+
  • Single Player
  • MultiPlayer
  • Online Multiplayer

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[edit] Background

FIFA 10 is the latest installment in the FIFA series which features Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard and Theo Walcott on the front cover. much . The slogan for the game is, 'How big can football get?'

FIFA 10 was released on October the 2nd in Europe and 20th in North America.

During late May and early June 2009, EA Sports conducted a number of community days and interviews in which they released snippets of information to the press.

Manager Mode - For Manager Mode in FIFA 10, EA have made a number of significant changes to the system. Transfers between other teams in the game will be more frequent and realistic. Also, pre-season friendlies will be included, which will be selected by the player's assistant manager.

Ball Physics - Once again, the ball physics have been refined in order for a more realistic ball movement, adding to the realism of the overall game.

AI - As ever, the AI of the players has been improved. For instance, defences will keep a deeper line in order to have an advantage over the attackers. As well as this, the goalkeepers have been improved to make it harder to score goals than in previous editions of the game.

360 Dribbling - The first ever 360 dribbling system in a football game will be incorporated into FIFA 10, with this new addition allowing the player to find spaces in between defences, that with the old system would have been much more difficult to find.

Improved Trapping - A new trapping system has been incorporated into FIFA 10, which will see a player receiving the ball trying to find the easiest and most natural way to get the ball under control, depending on the height and speed of the ball.

Virtual Pro - A new feature was announced to be in the game by David Rutter. This feature allows you to put you own or others faces in the game and create a player. Speculation suggests that to put your face in the game you will need either a USB card or a XBOX/Play Station camera to take a image of your face. Your virtual pro will be able to play in all offline game modes which will see yourself increase stat-wise. You can also take your virtual pro online to the Virtual Clubs Online where your virtual pro will be able to play online with other player's virtual pro's. It has also been confirmed that you can purchase stat enhances that boost your players stats for a short period of time.

New Arena - A whole new revamped arena will be available in all versions of the game. This new arena will allow you to produce and tweak your own set-pieces. You can also train your Virtual Pro here, as well as play full 11 on 11 practice match, as well as limited player matchs such as 5-a-side games.

[edit] Reviews

The demo received generally very positive reviews, and so as the full game. IGN for example gave an outstanding 9.3/10.

[edit] Ultimate Team

[edit] Overview

Ultimate team has been a feature of the two most recent Fifa series (09 and 10) on both Xbox and PS3. So far, it is downloadable content only available on purchase via either Xbox Live or Playstation Network.

It is similar to manager mode, but it is an online version and can only be accessed with an internet connection. You can earn coins by playing matches and use these coins to buy better players, or packs which include cards.

Matches can be played either offline or online in tournament only modes, or 'friendly' type matches (one-off matches). It is possible to have as many teams as you wish, so long as you can fill up the slots for a full team. Each player has their own: fitness, morale and contract value that changes after each game. Contracts go down by one each game (if the player partakes in the match) and the fitness and morale will also move accordingly. You must make sure your players are fit enough and have enough games left in their contract to play the next game.

Coins are awarded at the end of each match based on how you performed in the game. This includes the goals scored, goals conceded, shots on target, corners won, tackles, fouls etc. There are limits on how many coins can be obtained per criteria (ie; the goal cap for coins is 6 goals, after scoring 6 your coins won't go up from goals only). Also, based on the competition you play in there will be greater 'game multipliers' which will multiply your end coin bonus by that stated amount.

[edit] Types of Cards

  • Player cards - bronze, silver, gold (and a rare/shiny variant of each type)
  • Fitness and Morale boosters
  • Contract - both players and manager contracts
  • Formation - both players and manager formation
  • Staff cards - managers, fitness coach, attacking coach, defending coach and goalkeeping coach
  • Club Information - kits and badges
  • Stadiums
  • 'Coin' cards - these are cards which instantly refund the amount of coins specified
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